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Aurora (with white) was rescued from freezing by a very kind person, the black 4 were rescued from a barn when mom went missingType your paragraph here.

Many Cats and Kittens Available For Adoption!

 Please see the Adoption Page for the Adoption Application and cats that are currently available. If you would like to see more pictures of the cats and kittens, please see the Margo's Menagerie Facebook page!


Kitten Sanctuary! 

The Fluffy kittens were rescued from a barn in South Dakota when the mother disappeared. The Cartoon kittens were rescued from a local barn when the mother abandoned them at a very young age. They are ready for adoption, but will be here until then, or until they outgrow the room.

Meet Dulcey!

Dulcey came to us very frightened in January of 2013.  She has now turned into an extremely loving and gentle cat!  She is also very beautiful! She's having trouble with a couple other members of the "herd" at the Menagerie, so could use a new home alone or with non-domineering siblings. Can you provide the gentle, loving home environment this beautiful little gal needs so much??

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Welcome to Margo's Menagerie. 

"Where finding homes for the homeless, love for the lonely, and lifetime companions" is our mission. We make sure the healthcare needs of each cat who enters is met. Love and socialization is key. Preparing these precious souls for their forever home.

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